Courtroom Casting provides Boston-area law firms with professional actors for mock trials, in-house training, and other litigation needs.

Our trained professional actors receive one-on-one coaching in the particulars of your case. They come to you conversant in case material and prepared to provide accurate, compelling testimony towards favorable outcomes.

We retain a high-caliber, ethnically diverse talent pool. We provide you with reliable actors varying in age, ethnicity, and socio-economic class.

We also use medical consultation to present authentic depictions of a range of medical conditions and physical disabilities.

The actors provided by Courtroom Casting are working professionals, with experience in stage, film, and television. We handle all performing union issues. Actors sign an agreement of confidentiality upon engagement.

We have worked in collaboration with:

  · Sloane & Walsh
  · Dunn & Dunn
  · Martin Magnusen McCarthy & Kenney
  · Murray, Kelly & Bertrand
  · Hassan & Reardon
  · McCarthy Bouley & Barry
  · Murphy & Riley
  · Melick, Porter & Shea
  · Ficksman & Conley
  · Hunter & Bobit
  · Rindler * Morgan

For more information, please call Jim Ansart at 617-755-3481 or e-mail

For more information, please contact
Jim Ansart